Dog Grooming Course: Introductory Week

Introductory Week

Course Length:
1 week

Course Cost:

Students must complete this week.
The introductory Week is your introduction to Dog Grooming and covers the preparation of each dog.

This includes:

  • de-matting of long haired breeds
  • nail trimming
  • ear plucking and cleaning
  • eye care
  • anal gland expression
  • parasite recognition and treatment
  • cleaning genital areas
  • bathing and the various methods of drying
  • methods of undercoat removal, and how to reduce shedding

You will find that thorough preparation is the only way to achieve a beautifully groomed dog.

During this week you will learn about the variety of breeds that we see, the amount of work involved in each breed (or cross breed) and just how physical this job really is! Not all dogs like to be groomed, it's true. Just like people, they each have their own personality. You will meet nervous dogs, un co-operative dogs, hyper-active dogs and even aggressive dogs. Although there are no academic requirements to become a dog groomer, it helps to be able to read a dogs body language and signals. A calm personality transfers to the dog you are working with and patience is a virtue!


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